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Binary Gif


“In 2 or more frames write a contridicting thought.”

For this gif assignment i downloaded the 0 and 1 images from google, and I made a binary gif by using the 0 and 1. 0 represent the false , and 1 represent the true. This picture is depicting the concept of on and off through an infinite loop.

Overall it was nice to make this gif, i always wondered how these animated photos work, now i know how to make one of them.

To do this assignment I used the following steps:

Step 1. Download 0 and 1 image from google, and save it to the desire location

Step 2. Open gimp. Go to File > Open as Layers select all the desire photos that need to be open

Step 3. Resize the photo by using the scale tool

Step 4. Go to File > Export as check the box for As animation and Loop forever. press export and save the file to the desire location (make sure save the file extension as .gif)

Step 5. Open the file using any browser, It should appear as animation.


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