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Compilation Video

“Pick a theme and download multiple videos from Youtube that fit the theme. Cut them up and create a compilation video by putting the clips to music. ”

For the above assignment, i made a compilation of Optimus Prime Return. I downloaded the actual video from youtube. I always been a  big fan of Optimus Prime from the movie transformer. It is a science fiction movie, and I have watched every single series of transformers. The soundtrack i used in my video is made by Hans Zimmer; he, is known as one of the best audio artist in the world. Everyday, i listen many of his audio themes, and listening to his music is quite motivational during my daily workout routines. The scene i picked to edit is called, Return of Optimus Prime from Transformer series Age of Extinction. In this scene, it shows that Optimus Prime is returning back to Autobots. To me, the scene not only depict the return of Optimus Prime, but it also represent the symbol of hope. Even though,  Autobots  sacrifice so many of their friends in the hope that their leader would come  back and save them. There was some kind spirituality that kept Autobots to protect the Earth and its people.  At last, Optimus Prime came back as  a Savior to its Autobots, as in a sense Moses return to it’s people to save them.

I edited the above video clip using iMovie on Mac. I have to admit that this was first time i used iMovie; therefore, i ended up watching bunch of youtube tutorial to learn how to use the basic tools that iMovie offer. Following are the steps i took to do the assignment:

1. Step 

Downloaded different movie clips from youtube

2. Step

Open the videos in iMovie by clicking import and selecting the desire movies, Once imported it will appear in iMovie library.

3. Step 

Select the desire scene by scrolling over it, and choosing the portion that you want to add into your   video. Can select as many scenes from different video clips, and also can be arranged by clicking and dragging back and forth

4. Step

Click the Title button, and select the desire theme. Drag the theme to front of the video clip, and add the desire text.

5. Step

Add transition effects by clicking transition and selecting the desire effect

6. Step

To load the movie online, Click FileShare > Select the desire media and follow the instruction. In my case, i uploaded my video online using Youtube

Final Step

I copied the url from Youtube, and added to this post.

3 Comments so far:

  1. You did a great job with this! well done!

  2. This is a really good video!

  3. Alex Hollyer says:

    Great video. Love the way you transitioned all the different clips.

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