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For the Designblitz assignment, i took several of the above pictures. The above Road Sign Image  is the famous construction sign that we all hate. This is one of the universal sign for road construction. There is no text on the sign; there is only white and orange strips that give precaution to coming traffic. Most of the time orange is the color that depicts caution; therefore, the above sign can speak for itself. The number 2 image is the picture of our garden work for this summer. This is still under construction; however, by looking at the image, one can still tell what it is going to look. The design in the image itself appear as a flower, and it is balance from all corners. At the same time, it is symmetric. The number 3 image is the famous sign for Slurpee that we all love. I took this picture in a 7 Eleven store. This is a very color full image. This Sign show different typography to catch peoples’ attention. Just by looking at the sign, one can easily start craving for slurpee. Last image i took was a duck statue, It has this classic black and white theme. It is kind of depicting the classic time period when things was all black and white. The elegant black print on the duck is very symmetric and well balanced.

To do the assignment, i took many pictures; however, i choose the above four images to do this assignment. I also posted many of my picture that i took this week on flickr.

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