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Fifth Week Final Project

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Fifth Week Final Project

July 20, 2015      In Assignments,Final Project 1 Comment

I always wanted to establish a successful company, and after taking the last four week of ds106, I have enough skills to actually advertise my own business, and save some of the starting cost. Advertisement is very essential to the success of a new business; therefore i used different type of media to advertise my new company. Very first, i had to come up with a company’s name, which would be unique to my company, and that could stand alone. So, i decided to name my company Usman Ownz Corporation. My company would be recognize by this name. Following is the different media that i used to advertise my new company:



A good flyer is very crucial to the success of a new company. This is the flyer that speaks about my company. By simply looking at the flyer, one can easily tell that this is a lawn service company. It is a very unique flyer that allow the customers to recognize the service i will be offering to my client. The “USMAN OWNZ LAWN SERVICE” is displayed in the largest font to grab new clients attention. Most of the clients would be curious to know the rates that my company charges; therefore, i provided the price that my company will going to charge for the service. The background has a grass layout and a lawn mower on top. In the flyer, the grass depicts the lawn, and the lawn mower represents the services that my company will offer to its clients. I went to the office depot, and bought 20,000 printed copies of this flyer. In addition, i hired a team of professional flyer distributors who will be distributing my flyers in the Fredericksburg area. In addition, i will be going to commercial businesses in the Fredericksburg area to advertise my business, and make some new clients that can support and help my business to grow.


I talked with several different corporation owners, and what i learned is that a good business always need a good tv add. So, i started to wondered that i should put my ds106 skills to use, and create a good tv add for my new corporation. I knew i have to catch my clients attention, and i have to do something that will really help me to grow my business. So, I decided to make the above tv add. This add is not just about taking customers money, but it send the customers a message that we care about them, and we are here to serve them for the best price in town. I  got with the local cable provider, and paid $2,000 to run my add on the local channel for a week. After launching the above tv add, i was shocked by the fact that we received 97 calls in one day, and out of these 97 calls, my team were able to sell the service to 45 clients which generated $2,250 revenue in one day. It is quite a success for a new business. After launching the above tv add, it made a day and night difference for my new company.

Launching the Tv add was a great success for my new company; However, to achieve the maximum potential that media can offer to grow my company, i decided to launch a radio add. The duration for the the radio add was four weeks, which really allowed my company to reach as many people as we can. We bought a one month package, that allowed us to play the above radio add across all the local channels. As a result of this decision, my company grow 50% of the business compare to previous month, and generated additional $10,500 from the actual amount that we budgeted for the month. Radio add became the huge success in development of my new company, and all the above advertisement strategy played a crucial role that helped my company to prevail.

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 10.02.20 PM

Above image is one of the invoice that we generated for the last month. Due to the fact that our company is based on integrity, as this invoice display, we still charge our customer the price that we advertised in our adds. Many times, i have seen that many companies advertise the different price compare to what they actually billed their customers, and this kind of behavior can lead a company into a negative path. As my company is growing, i have to make sure that my company implements the strategies that can provide the excellent customer, which can lead my company to reach the maximum revenue and profitability.

Over all, all the above strategies worked in favor of my company. My company was up 60% for last six months revenue, and we are growing rapidly from city to city. If my company keep the same rate of growth, it will spread nation wide in next 5 years. I have to admit without all of the above advertisements strategy my company could not achieve its potential level of growth; therefore, the advertisement played a huge role in the success of Usman Ownz Corporation, and it will continuously lead us to the positive direction.

Click this link to check how my company created different advertisements


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