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Fourth Week Summary

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Fourth Week Summary

July 18, 2015      In Assignments,Video No Comments

This is the fourth week summary. I have to admit that this was another good week learning great stuff. During this week i learned many new aspects of video story telling. Everyday, I watched many videos; however, before taking this class, i never noticed the techniques that many of the video maker use to make their video more effective, and grab viewers deep attentions. I learned that our subconscious brain is program to behave in certain manners, and when we introduce some of the video techniques that human brain is tuned too, our brain can make a meaning out of it. For example the dogma of left  and right. We see left as something is wrong; whereas right depict more of the positivity. Brightness dominated over the darkness is another concept that humans’ brain are tune too. We tend to look for the less common thing. For example, when we look at the night sky, the first thing we noticed is the bright light of stars; but the fact is 98% of the Universe is nothing but darkness, but we completely ignore it.

One of the major tool that i used this week is called iMovie. It is a movie editing software that is available for apple products. I have a mac, and i think it came pre installed on it. However, before this week, i never bother myself to use all the great tools that iMovie offer. Since, i never used the iMovie before, i had to watch bunch of Youtube videos to learn how to use the basic tools that iMovie offers. After making the videos assignments for this week, i feel more confident using the iMovie. I found iMovie very awesome due to the fact it simply allow the users to use so many features which can be very convenient to make or edit any sort of video.

Following are the work that i done this week:

How to read a movie reflection for this assignment, i read an article by Roger Ebert. It was a good article to read, and i wrote some critique for my reflection, on this article.

Look, Listen, Analyze for this assignment, i watched a scene from Gladiator. I watched this movie several time, but this activity really allowed me to use some of my senses to analyze the selected scene. It is quite amazing that how each of our sense work individually which can allow us to understand the concept that a video is trying to depict.

Following is the list of two video assignment i made this week:

Compilation Video (4 stars) for this assignment, i made a compilation of Optimus Prime Return from movie Transformer.

The Complete Package (4 stars) for this assignment, i made a trailer from movie 300. Wow! i have to say that i’m really stepping up my game, and doing some cool stuff.


Following are the links to Daily Create:

Magical Light (14 July 2015) For this daily create, i took a water bottle, and set it on a flash light. Next, i turned the light on, and i took a photo of this magical light crossing through the water.

We are making hyperbolic tilings today (16 July 2015) For this daily create, i made an abstract art hyperbolic. I made this assignment using Microsoft paint.

Shadowcaster (17 July 2015) I was in my garage, and i noticed the sunlight making this funny angel on my garage wall, so i decided to make my own shadow using the sunlight. I took this photo, and i  realized that it seems as my shadow is taking a selfie. So, i’m going to call this photo a “Shadow Selfie”.

Following are the links for the comments, that i made on other people blogs:

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Amanda Peregory blog

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Well, this is the end of the week fourth. I have to admit that i really enjoyed doing the assignments for this week. I’m looking forward to have more fun for my final week and project.



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