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How to read a movie reflection

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How to read a movie reflection

July 13, 2015      In Assignments,Video No Comments

For the read movie assignment, i read an article “How to read movie” by Roger Ebert. In my experience, it is always go to read what expert has to say before stepping into a new territory. Even though i watch movies all the time,  I never tried to make or analyzed any video. I learned new aspects of videos analysis; therefore, i found Ebert’s article very interested.

It was a short article, and following are the several things that i find interested about it, but i’m not totally agree with some of the theories that Ebert pointed:

1.Right is positive and left is negative: I heared about this right and left dogma all my life, perhaps  this is how society views it. When i was a child growing up, my mom always told me to eat from the right hand, because according to many of the Muslims’ ideology, Devil eat from the left hand. I don’t know how true this is, because i never seen a Devil, or Devil eating from the left hand, but i know one thing that this notion of eating from the right hand is been around in my culture for long time, and things like this can shape the perspective of society which can lead people to believe, and make people to fall into the trap of complete ignorance, that anything left is cursed, and right is blessed. Perhaps our society is calibrated based on many of these notions; therefore, in my conclusion humans brains are set to function in this manner that when people see things on the left in a video, to majority of the people it depicts some kind of negativity; whereas the objects displayed on the right hand appears far more positive to them.

2. Movement to the right seems more favorable: We have to realize the fact that there are more people who are right handed than left. It could be cause of this fact thats things happening in right seems more natural

3. Top is dominant over the bottom: Most of the time top do dominant over the bottom, for example, working in the company the executive consider to be at the top level, and they preside over the levels that our under them.

4. Foreground is stronger than the background: Foreground is the part which is more nearest to the observer when displaying something. Because of this advantage, observer can observe the foreground first, before it can view the background.

5. The future seems to live on the right, and the past to the left: I don’t know how true this is, but If we going to call future flowing in right direction, we may need to learn about the higher dimensions that can allow us to see if time do follow in the right direction. However, when we  watch videos, we notice how a play bar move from left to right, and if viewer need to go back, and watch something again, viewer have to move the scroll thing to left to re-watch the video. Perhaps this concept leading people to believe that time is flowing left to right. There are theories in physics that allow physicts to believe that time do flow, but unfortunately, the physicist have not made any claims stating that time go from left to right.

6. Brighter areas tend to dominant over darker areas: I guess if something is too common we stop looking for it. Perhaps that could be the reason that we notice the brightness more than the darkness. The fact is that 98% of our Universe is nothing but dark, and anything that we can observe or detect can only account for 2%. Hence of this fact, when we look at the night sky, the first thing we notice is the brightness of stars not the 98% darkness of the Universe. This make me wonder, that perhaps we tend to look for the things that our less common.

For the cinematic movie videos, i watched the example of movie editing techniques and top 20 cinematic techniques. What i learned from watching these two videos is that many different techniques plays an important role in giving meaning to a scene. Different angle shots create different themes that can catch viewers attention. Also many different theme effect get to apply on the movie scenes based on what concept a movie is trying to depict. Techniques such as Slow Motion can allow the viewers to observe every single detail about the observable object. Without using these special effects, movie maker could limit the viewers imagination that could cause the scene or movie to become dry.

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