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Humi-Lion Hybrid

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Humi-Lion Hybrid

Combine two or more animials or plants to create a new creature. Use GIMP or other photoshop program to combine the images of animal. When your done post it in to your blog with some description of your new animal.


For the hybrid assignment, i decided to take one of my photo, and changed the face with a lion face. I acknowledged that assignment call for two different animals, and according to bio chemistry humans do fall in the animal kingdom. So, I present this new specie of hum-Lion hybrid.

Looking at the image, one can tell that his species is not wild or scavenger. The dress code this animal wearing depict, that it is a well civilized hybrid. Possibly it belongs to a high society of hybrids.

For this assignment, i used gimp.  I loaded both of the pictures to gimp, then i cropped the head of this lion, i was using the hand crop option, and it is very annoying, because every time i tried to crop the head, i missed by a slight angle. Eventually, that was best head cut i could cropped, so i decided to use this for my photo editing. Rest of the assignments was fairly easy. I just dragged the cropped photo on top of my face, and saved the results as jpg file.

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  1. That was a creative idea for you to change your face to a lions face and combine you with a lion!

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