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The Dark Knight

“Take a moment from a movie that you can relate too and make a gif out of it. Emotions, expressions and embarrasing moments would work well!”

For this gif assignment, I use the movie scene from Dark Knight. Dark Knight series was one of my favorite movies for all time. In the above Gif, Heath Ledger was playing a role of Joker. I found this scene as a best part of his acting. Above scene represent about how he persuade people to do his dirty work.

Following is the steps i took to do the assignment

Step 1. Go to youtube and select the desire video

Step 2. Copy the url for the youtube video, and search it using the following link:

Step 3. Click the download option, and download the video to desire location

Step 4. Next download the MPEG StreamClip to your computer.

Step 5. Open MPEG StreamClip

Step 6. Go to File > Open File  and select the desire video

Step 7. Go to Edit > Select In to select the starting point and Edit > Select out to select the ending point

Step 8. Go to Edit > Trim  to trim the part of the video.

Step 9. Next, Go to File > Export to other format > select format  to image sequence press ok and save the images to desire location

Step 10. Open gimp. Go to File > Open as Layers select all the desire photos that need to be open

Step 11. Resize the photo by using the scale tool

Step 12. Go to File > Export as check the box for As animation and Loop forever. press export and save the file to the desire location (make sure save the file extension as .gif)

Step 13. Open the file using any browser, It should appear as animation.



2 Comments so far:

  1. This is also one one of my favorite movies of all time. You chose a great scene as well.

  2. admin says:

    By producing the Dark Knight Series, Christopher Nolan done a fantastic job for giving a new meaning to batman character. Batman in Dark Knight series was way more rational compare to the early 90s batman.

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