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Look, Listen, Analyze

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Look, Listen, Analyze

July 13, 2015      In Assignments,Video No Comments

For this assignment, I watched the movie scene from Gladiator where Maximus kills Commodus. As the assignment asked, i watched the scene three different ways look, listen, analyze.

Following is the observation i gathered while i mute the sound and watched the scene:

Scene started with a low angle looking above. Before the fight, the scene was captured from crowds Point of view (POV). Also the very first shot where Maximus and Commodus were ready to fight was captured from high top angle looking down. Panorama effects was used to captured the crowd sitting in arena cheering the fight. Soon the fight begun, camera was focused on both of the fighters. Slow motion techniques was use exclusively every time some one got hurt. Top angle shot was captured when Commodes getting stabbed in his neck. Also the top angle effect used, when Maxima was laying on the ground dying.

Following is the observation i made when i turned on the sound, but hide the video:

Audio began with the sound of crowd cheering. Also it was a sad music playing in the background. Next, i heard the footsteps, It had to be fighters walking toward the center of the ground to fight. Sound of sword, they were fighting with swords. Sound of struggle, it is common when two people fight there is always some struggle between them. Sound of scream, when someone got hurt. At one stage, i heard some dropped the sword, all others sound stopped for the moment. Sounds as Commodus asked ” Quintus give me your sword”. Next, i heard the sound of two people punching at each other. Sound of something pierce throw someone skin, and sounded as someone started to choke to death. Meanwhile, all sounds stop for the moment. Movement of silence, and then someone call “Maximus, …Qunitus, free my men”. Next, sound of someone dropping to the ground. Since i watched the video before listening to the audio, i had pretty good idea of what is going on when i was listening the audio, but there was some parts where i was totally lost.

Following is the observation i made when watch the video and audio together:

Well, this made a lot more sense than the first two method. This time i could see what is going on, and also were able to use my hearing sense to relate the scene with its sound. I could clearly observe who was getting punched, and who dropped to the ground, and who were struggling. Watching both parts together made a day and night difference.

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