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Man in Fredericksburg got stabbed during the robbery

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Man in Fredericksburg got stabbed during the robbery



“Take a picture of a place that you see everyday! Maybe on our campus? And make it a crime scene by designing crime scene tape, or making victims! Anything you want@ ”

I created the above image for the crime scene assignment. In order to do this assignment, I have to  create a fake crime scene. The crime seen happen at the William Street Gas Station, where my friend got stabbed during a robbery. In the above image, it appear that my friend was already dead by the time police arrived at the crime scene. Fredericksburg Police took this image as an evidence, so they can prosecute against the person who stabbed him.

To do this assignment i took the above picture, and i downloaded the the crime scene strips from google. Next, i open both of the pictures in the gimp, and picked the the crime scene stripes image  to cut the stripes, and pasted on the top of the original picture. For the final step, i changed some of the angle for the crime scene stripes to cover all of the crime scene area.

Following is the step i took to do this assignment.

Step 1. Open gimp

Step 2. load all the desire photos by clicking File >Open as Layers

Step3. Resize the pictures by clicking Tools and selecting the size tool

step4. Cut the Crime Scene Stripes, and add it top of the original photo

Step5. Keep posting and the stripes, also use the move layer tools to adjust the position of the stripes

Steps 6. To save picture, Go to File > Export as  and select the location where the file need to be save


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