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Part I:Audio Story Telling

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Part I:Audio Story Telling

July 5, 2015      In Assignments,Audio No Comments

In my life, radio plays a very important role due to the fact that It keep me connected to rest of the world. I’m not saying that i only use radio to stay connected to the world, but what i’m saying is that radio is one of the media that i like to use to stay connected to the world. Most of the time i listen to radio in my car while i’m driving. Many times, i listen to radio for daily news; however, there are occasions when i listen radio for music or some other aspects.

I ended up watching all four videos for the Ira Glass. In my opinion it was very effective in learning new aspects about the audio story telling. Audio story telling is an art that can be learned if practice consistently. One major thing i learned from listening Ira Glass is, that audio story telling is not as writing a paper for school. It has no rules, except a good anecdote  can be created if a story was told in the sequence of steps. One step leading to another can create a lot of suspense to the audio story telling. According the Ira Glass, practice and reputation can make anyone a good story teller.

I also watched the Radiolab video by Jad Abumrad. Abumrad stated in his video, that the coolest thing about radio is what it lacks, which forces the listeners to use thier imagination. Radio allow the listeners to fill the gap by imaging about the stuff they listen. In one of his talk, Abumrad mentioned the same thing which Ira Glass mentioned, that audio story telling take practice. No one make a perfect audio story in day or two; sometimes it take years to learn the true art of audio story telling.

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