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BeFunky Collage

“Make a collage out of photos of your pet (or your favorite animal)! Either take past photos or take photos throughout the week that show how cute or how funny they can be!”

I made the above collage for the pet collage assignment. I love baby lion, unfortunately i can’t keep a baby lion as a pet in the state of VA; therefore, these our not my pet photos. I downloaded these photos from the google. I used to have a cat, but it got abducted by someone. this is the site i used to collage all of these photos together. Due to the different sizes of the images, I had hardtime time  fitting different picture inside the boxes. I had to resize each picture, and resizing pictures was kind of tedious.

These are the steps i took to do the assignment

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  1. I would totally keep a baby lion as a pet if I could. Unfortunately they get bigger and scarier!

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