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Previous/current experience with photography

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Previous/current experience with photography

June 22, 2015      In Assignments,Visual By 1 Comment

I’m not a photographer, but i do take alot of photos on my smart phone. I take photos of random things such as, landscapes, cities, structures, sky, myself, people, and anything that interest me. I’m not gonna say that i’m very proffesional when i take picutures, but i definatley do a very good job taking pictures. After watching the online video on photography by Jason Eskenazi, I realized that i never pay attention to caputring a feeling of any objects or human beings when i take pictures, but i did took many meaning full pictures. A meaning full pictures can talk for itself, without the need of photo discription. Reading the online article about photography definately gonna help me to improve my photo taking skills. One important thing i learned from the articles is that every picture speak for itself, but its very important for the person taking a picture to caputure the photo in a manner, so it can depict its actual meaning.

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  1. I agree with your blog post about photography. I really enjoy taking photos of different things as well. I always try to capture feelings in my photos when taking them of human beings because thats what makes them meaningful and allows them to speak for their selves but i never thought of trying to capture feelings of objects.

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