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Third Week Summary

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Third Week Summary

July 11, 2015      In Assignments,Weekly Summaries No Comments

This is the weekly summary for third week. This week i learned about audio story telling, and how audio story tellings plays a part in our daily life. Over the long week ,i watched many audios clip, that help me to understand the relation that sound plays in audio story telling. I had to admit that this week been a far more coolest week i have in this class yet. However, at the same time it was challenging, due to the fact i have to learn how to use many different applications to do the weekly assignments. One of the major application i used to do the assignment this week was Audacity. It is an open source sound editor software. Due to the fact I was not familiar with the tools that Audicity provide,  I had to watch tons of online tutorials to learn how to use the basic tools that Audacity offer.

Following are the list of work i done this week:

Audio Storytelling Reflection for this assignment, i watched the recomended video for the Ira Glass Series and Radiolab’s documentary. I found those videos interested, and it is always good to take an expert advice before stepping into a new territory.

Listening to Stories For this assignment, i listened to several of the stories, and then i analyzed each of the stories form my audio story telling perspective.

Two weekly assignments:

Sound Effect Story (3.5 stars) For this assignment, i recorded the sound using the SoundCloud. I made this audio sound story when i was in Hard Time Cafe playing billiard.

Radio Bumper (2.5 stars) For this assignment, i created a Radio bumper using many different sound effects. This was by far the coolest assignment i made for this class. Im not an artist, but in my opinion;i really stepped up my game to do this assignment.

For Daily Create assignments:

Draw On a napkin (July 4) for this Daily Create, i sketch a black and white island on a piece of napkin. It was hard to sketch on napkin because i could not prevent myself from punching holes in napkin, but i eventually had it right, and made this final piece of art.

The pleasure of odds and ends (July 5) for this Daily Create, i drew an island on a piece of paper, and to add some reality to the island, i introduced different color effects.

Hand and Paper Drawing (July 8) for this Daily Create, i made a finger monster by sketching the monster on some part of my finger, and some part of the paper.

Basic Element Drawing (July 9) for this Daily Create, I used the Microsoft Paint to create a picture that depicts the notion that a Gigantic Star is getting eaten by a black hole. Black are created by the collapse of giant stars, which cause warping of space and time. This idea was first introduced by Einstein’s General Relativity. Now, given the technology scientist can detect one of them using many different techniques such as Gravitational Lensing, and telescopes that detect x-rays, light, or other forms of electromagnetic radiations.

Following are the links to the comments that i made to other people blog this week:

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Daily Create Flickr

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Overall, i had an other great week working with ds106 community. There are always something new to learn in ds106. I would definitely prefer my friends to take this class in future, and i would also stay in touch with this class in coming semesters. I’m very excited, and looking forward to have more fun next week.



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