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What is the U stand for

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What is the U stand for


“Take some of your old magazines and newspapers and create a 2D or 3D collage/sculpture of words and pictures that represent a common theme (ex: color, media subject such as animals or food, things you like, etc.). Explain why you chose your theme and what some of the individual pieces mean to you.”


For the 3d Magazine Collage, i made the U collage of my hobbies. One may ask what a U stand for. To me, letter U stand for two important things. Number one, my name starts with U, and second when type word Universe, it also start with U. I’m big fan of Universe. Yes, there is a picture of an alien on my collage. Remarkably, our existence itself is the evidence that there are also other forms of life or probably intelligence life exist somewhere in the observable universe.The question is, are we ready to admit this undeniable fact? Im a huge fan of astro physics, after finishing my bachelor in Computer Science, I will earn my masters in Physics, and earn a doctorate in Astro Physics.

Now, lets talk about how i actually made this assignment. In order to do this assignment, i took a cardboard and sharpie. With sharpie, I drew a U shape on the cardboard. Next, I cut the U shape off the card board. Then i went to my photo collection of my hobbies, and cut some of the photos to posted on my U shape. Finally, i glued the photos to my U shape. After i finish with all of these steps, i took a snapshot of my U collage using my smartphone.



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