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Vignelli Reflection

June 27, 2015      In Thoughts and Ideas By No Comments

I enjoyed reading this article, and it contains a quality of information that can help any new designer to understand the true meaning of design. By reading this article, the most important thing i learned are the three objectives Semantic, Syntactic and Pragmatic. A designer should thought carefully about the design, and the meaning that a design represent. A design without meaning is like a body without any life.

Semantics is very important when it comes to design. It give meaning to a design, for example the following restroom sign is a  guide sign, to help the public to find a restroom. Most of the public places such as Airports has these sign with arrows pointing in sum direction. One does not need to speak or read any language to guess what this sign means. By looking at this sign, one  can tell there is restroom located on the left hand side. This is one of the many example that proves that signs has meanings and can speak for itself.


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