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First Week Summary

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First Week Summary

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To Do List

1. Setting the domain was very easy because all i had to do is follow instrucition step by step. After installing the domain, i installed WordPress, and all of the plugins that was assigned in the weekly assignment section. In order to learn how to navigate the WordPress, I end up watching many online tutorials. Following is the domain for my site:

2. Create Accounts on. Youtube, Twitter, Flickr, and SoundCloud

For this assignment, i created new accounts on the above social media platforms. I already have a youtube and SoundCloud; Therefore, i only had to make Twitter and Flickr. I liked using Flickr due to the fact that it allow users to save and organize their picture online. Moreover, it allow users to save up to 1TB of data, which is a lot memory to save thousands of images. I’m not a very big fan of Twitter, but i don’t mind using it. Additionally, i made class introduction video using the above social media platform.

Twitter introduction

Youtube introduction

Sound Cloud Introduction

About me blog


3. For customizing my blog, i tried many different themes, the best theme that i liked for my blog is called Eptima Lite. I also added a menu bar to my theme, and created different categories to store different elements of the blog.

4. Reflection about the material

5, 6, 7. A link to your Photo Safari


8. Daily Create:

Little people  This is the daily create for taking a picture from an high ground. for this assignment, I went to the roof top of a hotel,  and took this picture, then i added the picture to my flickr using the required tags.

Where i stand For this assignment, i asked my friend to take my photo. I was standing at the Digital knowledge Center in UMW. To hide my identity, i used a built android app in my smart phone, and  i changed theme effect of this image to an x-ray mode.

Pick and opening line For this assignment, i came up with the following opening line. ” The oldest question in the Universe is the question that most frequently get asked, but never ever be answered”.

Such as this opening line can be prefect to start a novel or a book, about the universe and the nature that surround us.

9. Links to 4 different visual assignment blog post

Camp poster (3stars) i created a poster a field trip poster for this assignment. I used an android app called TextOnPices to do this assignment.

pet collage (2 stars) In this assignment i made a pet collage, and  i posted the link in my blog that i used to do this assignment.

Hybrid (3 stars) This was a very fun assignment. For this assignment i made a hybrid of myself.

Very Own Spubble  This was a required assignment, I posted the link in my blog that i used to do this assignment.

On top of the four assignments, I did the tutorial for the pet collage, and showed how to do the assignment step by step. For this tutorial, i just follow exact steps that i followed to do the actual assignment, but for each step i took the screen shot, and made a comment about what a user need to do next.

For second tutorial, i did the Camp Poster Tutorial. In this tutorial I showed how to do this assignment step by step. This tutorial allow the users to the Camp Poster Assignment by using a smart phone app. Users need to first download the required app, then follow the given steps to successfully complete this assignment. This is a straight forward tutorial, and there is nothing tricky about it that can confuse the users.


10. Well, being a part of ds106, its been a very interested week. I have to admit that i never had any class like this before. We did a lot of fun activities, and honesty i love editing photos.Before this week, i never thought the each images talk for itself and tells a story. Now, i started to look at any image from a different perspective. I realized that each picture has a meaning, and express certain feelings. I used many different tools to do the assignment. One of the tools that i used a lot is Gimp, it is a photo editing software, that can allow the users to edit photos in many different ways.

There is no doubt that i have a lot fun doing different assignment this week; however, at the same time i have difficulties using many of the tools. I never used twitter or flickr before, so learning how to use different aspects of these social media was quite challenging, but as of rite now i feel bit more confident about using these social media platforms.

I enjoyed doing daily create due to the fact there is no right or wrong way of doing it. People taking this class come from different culture, and have different perspective about things. So, it was a very excellent experience for me to acknowledge the fact that how creative people can turn out to be.

Overall, i feel great for being a part of ds106 community, and i made new friends on twitter that helped me to get through this week. I’m enjoying every bit of this, looking forward to have more coming week.

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