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How I created the advertisements

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How I created the advertisements

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For the above image, i used poster my wall site to create the advertisement flyer. The flyer was pre made; however, i made some modifications to the flyer to meet the need of my company. I selected the grass for the background, and i added text on top of the flyer using different fonts and colors, and last i added the lawn mower to the lower right to represent the lawn mower service that our company offers.

Following is the steps i took to make the above tv add:

1. Step 

Downloaded different movie clips from youtube, and pictures from google

2. Step

Open the videos in iMovie by clicking import and selecting the desire movies, Once imported it will appear in iMovie library. Click New Trailer and select the desire trailer

3. Step 

Select the desire scene by scrolling over it, and choosing the portion that you want to add into your   video. Can select as many scenes from different video clips, and also can be arranged by clicking and dragging back and forth

4. Step

Click the Title button, and select the desire theme. Drag the theme to front of the video clip, and add the desire text.

5. Step

Add transition effects by clicking transition and selecting the desire effect

6. Step

To load the movie trailer online, Click File > Share > Select the desire media and follow the instruction. In my case, i uploaded my video online using Youtube

Final Step

I copied the url from Youtube, and added to this post.

Following is the steps i took to make the above radio add:

Step 1
Very first i downloaded the backgrounds sound that i wanted to play in the background for my radio bumper. Following is the site i used to download different sound themes:

Step 2
I pressed the recording button with big red dot on it, that allow me to start recording my voice. Once i finish recording, i pressed the yellow square stop button to stop my recording. At this point i have my plain sound recorded to the audacity.

Step 3
I clicked File > Open > and choose the desire sound themes that i wanted to add to radio bumper. In my case i have two different sound themes that i loaded for the background sound. Both of my soundtracks that i used were produced by Hans Zimmer, one is from movie The Dark Knight Rises, and the other is from Interstellar.

Step 4
I kept the Interstellar soundtrack as it was, except i have to lower its sound pitch using the enveloping tool, because the sound was dominated over my recording.

Step 5
I cut a portion of The Dark Knight soundtrack, and copy it several times, that i played over the length of the audio, which created a cool background sound.

Step 6
I used the enveloping tools to adjusted pitches between my audio breaks. Where ever i took break between my clip i pitch the soundtracks high, and where ever my voice was active i brought the pitch down, so they listeners can hear less of the music and more of my voice clearly.

Step 7
I saved the file as a wav. by clicking File and export to the desire location

Step 8
I logged into the Sound Cloud and loaded the file to my SoundCloud, also selected the download options, so listener can download my audio

Final Step 9
I copy the Embeded code from SoundCloud and pasted to this blog

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 10.02.20 PM

To make the above invoice, i used invoice generator site. It was quite simply to produce the desire invoice. All i have to do is fill the information in the forum which would appear on the invoice, and click the generate invoice button to generate the above copy of invoice.

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