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Well, it was a very awkward expierence, I was running around the basement, and taking bunch of pictures. It became more awkward when my mom appeared from no where, and asked “what the hell i’m taking the photos for”. So, i made a joke, and told my mom that i need some money; therefore, i’m going to sell all of this stuff. I have not tell my mom about the joke, but I’m sure ill tell her about the joke very soon.

Now, lets talk about the pictures. As you guys can see, i took bunch of pictures, and they all depict some part of my life. I see all of the objects in the picture everyday; however, i never pay much attention to them until, now. After taking these pictures, and closely analyzing them; i realized that all of the pictures in my basement tell a story. For example, if we analyze the picture with the dolphins, It appears that three dolphins in the picture are trying to communicate with each other. Also the picture with duck, has black and white patterns, and looks as the duck is smiling at someone. The picture with the female dog, represent the love bond between a mother and her baby. It  clearly appears that this female dog love her baby and trying to protect her from any harm. When someone look at the shadow picture, it appears that my basement is hunted by a giraffe shadow. By looking the neck of the shadow, one can make a good assumption that this shadow belongs to a giraffe.

The picture number 16, where the tiger is staring at someone. I took this picture as an aunt point of view. I”m not sure if this how the tiger appears to an aunt, but one thing is sure that this tiger is  staring at the aunt, and seems like this aunt is about to get crushed by the claws of this tiger.

So, looking at the second picture with a chair and table, we can get the idea that this is someone’s office, and since both of the computers are currently active, it means someone is currently working on the computer, but step off the table and chair to go somewhere.

Everyone has different perspective about the things around them, and by looking at these photos people can create different stories that can depict these photos in the manner they perceive.

It was a fairly easy assignment, to do the assignment all i needed was a camera, and bunch of objects.

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