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Second Week Summary

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Second Week Summary

July 2, 2015      In Weekly Summaries No Comments

This is the second week summary. Second week is all about design, and learned many different aspects of design. Its unbelievable how design can effect our prospective about the things that we see in daily life. Before learning about design, i never thought that different color can send different messages; however, now i realized how color can play a role in depicting the meaning of any design. By reading this week article, the most important thing i learned are the three objectives Semantic, Syntactic and Pragmatic. A designer should thought carefully about the design, and the meaning that a design represent. A design without meaning is like a body without any life.

Following are the assignment i did this week:

Designblitz photos: This post contains some of the photos i took this week for the Designblitz assignment.

Designblitz: To do the assignment, i took many pictures; however, i choose the selected four images to do this assignment. I also posted many of my picture that i took this week on flickr.

Vegnille Reflection : This article talk about the different aspect of design, and can be helpful in understanding the difference between a good design and bad design.

Weekly Assignments on Design:

Man in Fredericksburg got stabbed during robbery (3 stars)

What is U stand for ( 4  stars)

Favorite Places ( 3 stars)

Suspect- board (3 stars)

My own Unique tattoo  (4 stars)

To do the weekly assignment, i used many different applications.  I used Gimp a lot to do many of these assignments. I also used my smartphone for certain aspects of assignments.

Gif Assignment :

Joker Gif

Binary Gif

Making Gif was by far the coolest assignment i did for this week. I always wondered how to make these animated images. Now, I can say that i know how to make one of them. This assignment was quite challenging, because i had hard time downloading the youtube videos to my computer. Eventually i ended up finding an online source that allows me to download youtube video direct to my computer. Following is the source i used:

Four Daily Create

What does GNA see in her future? : For this daily create, I loaded an image that display word happiness, and i mentioned that this is what DrGarcia see as her future.

A bad photo made better : For this daily create, i hand draw a picture of baby lion. My hand drawing is very poor. I’m sorry.

Your favorite day with your best friend: For this daily create, i draw a scenery of a vacation house using the pen and scrap paper on my samsung notebook.

Embed history of art in the everyday: For this daily create, i downloaded a picture of white house lawn, and embedded a statue of Sir Isaac Newton onto it. I used gimp to do the editing.


We have to submit two of our own assignments idea; therefore, I also have submitted my own assignment idea. Following are the links to my own idea:

Tattoos 4Life: For this assignment, i asked to create your own unique tattoo, that can represent something about you.

Gif 4 giffiess: For this assignment, i asked to pick a favorite movie scene, and trim the scene using software such as MPEG StreamClip. Next, make a GIF using software such as gimp. I also provided a wiki instruction link that can allow people to do the assignment.

Following are the links to the comments that i posted to other people blogs and twitter:


Designing a license plate comment

Favorite place comments

Joker Gif

Your favorite day with your bestfriend

Twitter comment

Twitter comment

Overall, i feel great for being a part of ds106 community, and i made new friends on twitter that helped me to get through this week. I’m enjoying every bit of this, looking forward to have more fun coming week.


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